APSL and Microsoft Broad Source License

David Johnson david at usermode.org
Sun Feb 10 00:58:10 UTC 2002

On Saturday 09 February 2002 03:32 pm, Christian Gross wrote:

> I saw that too and I thought hey no problem.  But then 2.2.a explicitly
> states:
> (a) You must satisfy all the conditions of Section 2.1 with respect to the
> Source Code of the Covered Code;
> Which would say, sure you can deploy however you want and use how you want,
> so long as you use the sources as defined in section 2.1, which is defined
> to be non-commercial.

They way I interpret that is to follow the *conditions* of 2.1. Those 
conditions are paragraphs 2.1.a and 2.1.b. The first paragraph of 2.1 refers 
to non-commercial usage, but paragraphs 2.1.a and 2.1.b do not.

If the APSL did not allow commercial usage, then there would be no way it 
could be considered Open Source.

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