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Sat Feb 9 20:10:22 UTC 2002

Mikko Valimaki scripsit:

> You don't need to say anything about things that are default in
> copyright law. It is default that author's 'moral rights' including the
> copyright notice may not be removed unless the work is substantially
> modified. 

The U.S., complying grudgingly with the terms of the Berne Convention,
recognizes no moral rights in any work expressed as text.  Only visual
creators get moral rights here.  Therefore this notice is required.

> Also, you don't need to say anything about the use of the software:
> copyright law knows only rights to copy, distribute and modify works.

Also to publicly display and perform the work.

> In the
> superstitious US, there is also tradition to write all disclaimers in
> capital letters. I am not 100% sure but I very strongly suspect that
> there would be any law requiring that. Outside US I think we do very
> fine without those obvious notices.

There is no *statute* law requiring it, but there is a court decision
setting aside a warranty disclaimer that was buried in the small
print.  The CAPS are a way to make sure that even a Gumby sees the

Yes, it makes my ears hurt too.

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