discuss: Open Source Certification application

Owen White owhite at tigr.org
Tue Dec 10 21:22:46 UTC 2002

[ please discuss this license.  -russ ]

Please evaluate our license:


for possible certification.

This license was produced by drawing from text contained in the Apache
Software License and text appearing in our previous license. There are
two reasons I request that we use this license rather than any existing
license appearing in your approved license list. 1) I want to include
the text asking the Licensee to cite our software in any publications
where our software was used. Our software development is supported under
federal grants, and attribution in peer-reviewed journals by people
using our software is essential to renewal of our federal grants. 2) The
formation of this current license involved nearly a year of negotiation
with my IP office, and further discussion with those parties will
jeopardize rapid placement of my code base in the public domain.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I hope to hear from you


 Owen White
 Director of Bioinformatics
 The Institute for Genomic Research
 Rockville Maryland 20855

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