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Pete Herzog pete at ideahamster.org
Sun Dec 1 22:45:08 UTC 2002

[ Please discuss this license.  Thanks!  Do I say "Thanks" often
enough?  I'm not sure that I've said it even once.  Okay: "Thanks!"  I
know that I speak for the entire board when I say that we appreciate
the time you put into discussing licenses and working with license
authors.  -russ ]


please enter this into consideration of open source licensing as the
Open methodology License (OML).

Based on the terms and conditions as stated in

1.  http://www.isecom.org/oml.htm

2.  The OML is similar to the GNU GPL with the following exceptions
which pertain specifically to Methodologies, which are tools in their
own right, intellectual property that is neither software nor

a) They may not be modified or printed for the purpose of sale without
permission from the copyright holder. (to keep from diluting the
exercise of creating an International standard Methodology).
b) They may be applied to and used in commercial software. (in cases
such as standards, etc., they should be usable by those willing to build
products around the use of but not the distribution of the Methodology)

3. The license is compatible with the GPL when used in conjunction with
open source GPL software however closed source software with the OML
applied cannot also then be GPL.  In instances where the GPL open source
software uses the OML in the development of the software, the GPL will
apply to that software whereas the OML will apply only to copies of the

 4.  Please feel free to post this to the license discuss list with my
name and the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies.  It is more
important to me to have a strong, relevant license than to be anonymous.
Examples of our methodologies such as the OSSTMM (open source security
testing methodology manual) which is currently in GPL but doesn't really
fit there.


Pete Herzog
Managing Director
Institute for Security and Open Methodologies

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