Accusations, accusations, always accusations

John Cowan cowan at
Mon Oct 25 16:20:57 UTC 1999

Richard Stallman scripsit:

> GNU is the name of an operating system.  (This is what the GNU Project
> set out to develop.)  Something is part of GNU if it is part of that
> system.

Okay, then what is an operating system?  The Gospel of Tux defines it as
the Kernel, the Libraries, and the Utilities, but it seems hard to tell
which are part of GNU and which are merely free software distributed by
the FSF and capable of executing on a GNU system.

> That page includes the *list* of GNU software packages.  But the
> general definition is, a GNU package is a program that is released
> under the aegis of the GNU Project.

But GTK is not on that list, yet is part of GNU.  Ditto GNOME.
TeX and X are not released under the aegis of the GNU Project,
but says they are part
of the GNU system.  I'm just wondering if there exists a formally
blessed enumeration of the parts of GNU.

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