Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Alejandro Forero Cuervo bachue at
Sun Oct 24 03:40:26 UTC 1999

    This would include any embedded system, anything written exclusively
    for a GUI, any daemon, anything which can use sfio (e.g. Perl),
    anything written in a language other than C...

I'd think that around 90% or more of the programs out there depend in
one way or another on functions in the standard C library and would not
work without it.

You are right about Linux pthreads. I don't know about the origins of
malloc and inet_addr, I just think I saw them defined in Glibc.

    Is GTK part of the GNU project?  I thought it was part of the
    GIMP project.  GNOME is part of the GNU project, but more Linux
    distributions (particularly those with commercial support) are
    pushing KDE than are pushing GNOME.  Oh, and of course the XWindow
    implementation that you tend to find on Linux systems is of course
    not part of the GNU project.

GTK is part of GNOME. True, GTK started as the widget set for GIMP,
but IIRC, these days it is the central piece of GNOME (I could be wrong,
I have never used GNOME). One way or the other it is still part of the
GNU project (GIMP is part of the GNU project too).  It has competition
but in those distributions where it is used, I'd say it is part of the
guts of the system... just like WindowMaker.


The mere formulation of a problem is far more essential than its solution.
      -- Albert Einstein.

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