Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Sat Oct 23 10:20:22 UTC 1999

     Cygnus gets credit for extending win32. Where's the credit for
    GNU? All things considered, it should be called GNUwin32, 

You make a good case for that, and I think you are right.

I care more about the "Linux" system than about Cygwin32, because
"Linux" is basically the system that the GNU Project aimed to develop.
Cygwin32 is just a side issue, an add-on for a proprietary system.

    They get the credit because the media fastens on them as the driving
    force behind this mysterious, new market phenomenon: that free software
    can run 50% of the servers on the "information highway", and that maybe
    Microsoft isn't the only source of software after all.

The GNU Project is the chief reason for this.  Many people and
projects contributed programs that are in the system, but we alone had
the goal of making a complete 100% free operating system.  If Linus
had not existed, we would eventually have provided a kernel.  If we
had not existed, Linus would not have provided the rest of the system,
because but it was not his goal to produce one.

So when the media think that Linus is responsible, they are making
an error of substance.

One of the reasons to call the system "GNU/Linux" instead of just
"Linux" is to help prevent that mistake.

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