Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Alex Nicolaou anicolao at
Wed Oct 20 00:45:35 UTC 1999

John Cowan wrote:
> Alex Nicolaou scripsit:
> > John's implication is that the Linux kernel development
> > community is morally worthless for failing to name it GNU/Linux and I
> > think that this is quite out of line.
> It would be, if I had either said or implied that.  I didn't.
> I have no opinion on the Linux vs. GNU/Linux dispute.  I do have
> an opinion, which I was defending, on whether the GNU GPL should
> demand credit as a condition of creating derived works: namely,
> it is neither practically advisable nor morally justifiable.

I'm sorry to have misinterpreted you. Now we can simply agree that
credit is given by convention and moral obligation.

Whether we agree that demanding renaming of software in order to
emphasize credit is justified is unclear to me. I believe that it is not
justified, and if it is desired requiring it as part of the license
agreement is the only way to get it to happen.


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