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> Perhaps one service that patentbusters.org could provide is to
> publicise this concept (so that companies understand it) and
> as a synchronization center for companies that are under threat
> to find companies that are likely to be next in line and
> them to contribute a small amount to breaking the patent. In
> the organization of defense consortiums.

Hi Ross, looks like you have several business concepts for this
patentbuster thing :-). First I have to say that I'm not against
making a 'business' out of such a thing (meaning that people who
contribute gain something) as the service is likely to be on the
good-side. Providing a 'prior-art-research-service' is a very
good idea (much better than your first approach ;-)) and I have
the feeling this thing could sky-rock.

> The key question you have to answer about patent busting is
> "where is the motive force coming from". If your answer is
> "from the hackers" then you have to answer the question of
> why intelligent hackers would rather spend time at
> reading about "CD-ROM rotation means with multimedia
> (one of 25,000) than writing the great American app. Unless the
> site starts gaining some kind of numerical superiority in rate
> of processing (which would be inspiring) everyone's just going
> go back to coding.

Correct, and the best motivation for most people are some $ and I
don't have a moral problem with this as the service would act as
a place where threatened companies hire some mercenaries. I
really like the idea.

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