[openip] Re: "rights" and "freedoms"

Arandir arandir at meer.net
Wed Oct 20 00:33:17 UTC 1999

On Tue, 19 Oct 1999, Robert M. Muench wrote:

>It's better to invalid some patents than non at all.

If you see the evil as patents in and of themselves, regardless of whether
they're hardware or software, then you would be right in pursuing any avenue,
no matter how futile.

However, I would guess that most people do not see a problem with patents
themselves, but rather the careless way in which they are applied, or disagree
with just software patents and not hardware patents. If this is the case, then
there are much more productive actions one could take besides throwing wrenches
into the bureaucratic machine.

Patent reform is a much easier goal to reach than the entire elimination of
patents. Individual legislators can be approached, and it is certain that at
least on one them in each nation could be found willing to champion a
reform. But this will never be a popular issue outside of those who are
directly influenced by patents. After patents are reformed, then we can
reexamine whether further actions are necessary.


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