GNU License for Hardware

Richard Stallman rms at
Wed Oct 20 01:06:25 UTC 1999

    Sorry, Richard, thats wrong. The war is called seccesion war. 

    I though you where an american and you knew that, are you not?

I am an American, and I have read extensively about the Civil War.  It
was caused by the dispute over slavery, not by economic factors.
Slavery was the reason for secession, and disgust for slavery
motivated the Union troops.  It wasn't for nothing that they sang
about John Brown while marching to war.

For a long time, Southerners have made a great effort to deny this.
You may have read their propaganda.  Or you may have seen something
influenced indirectly by the Marxist idea that history is determined
mainly by economics.  It is useful to look for economic factors in
history, but they are not the only ones.

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