Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Wed Oct 20 01:05:41 UTC 1999

    I do think that the authors of the GNU programs deserve credit for what
    they've done, and that also translates into credit for the whole "GNU
    System". However, it's puzzling to me why nobody's busy arguing that it
    should be called GNU/Cygwin32 ...

As far as I understand it, this is not a similar situation.  Cygwin32
uses just a part of the GNU system, the compilation tools.  And it
is just an add-on for another large system, not a whole system.

Also, I would expect that what Cygwin32 owes to GNU software is
pretty clear to its users (which is not the case for most users
of GNU/Linux).

But perhaps they ought to give more credit to GNU.

      For that matter, why
    isn't it GNU/CodeFusion? I guess you feel that the people at Cygnus are
    morally worthless.

You must have a strong wish to criticize the GNU Project if you will
criticize us for things you only imagine we do.  You ought to verify
things before you use them as the basis for accusations.

I will ask someone to tell me what CodeFusion is.  I have heard a few
people mention it recently, but no one has described it to me.

    It is
    disturbing that the inequity has only been widely discussed since Linux
    became very popular,

I have been trying to spread the word for many years;
it is not my fault if you did not notice.

    it smacks of opportunism.

If you like someone, you call him a "pragmatist".
If you hate him, you call him an "opportunist".

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