GNU License for Hardware

Richard Stallman rms at
Wed Oct 20 01:05:31 UTC 1999

    This all comes down to the concept of intellectual property. Those who believe
    IP is wrong, will believe any software license, proprietary or free, is a
    domination. Those who believe that IP is justified will see any license on
    software as just that, a license, that gives the user certain permissions.

I don't believe that "IP is wrong".  I don't believe that "IP is
justified".  I don't have any opinion about "intellectual property",
because the term is too big a generalization to have one opinion

I have opinions about copyrights for certain types of works, opinions
about patents in certain fields, and to some extent opinions about
trademarks.  These opinions are not all the same.

I find that when people use the term "intellectual property", it leads
them to think they must either be "for it" or "against it".  In other
words, it encourages people to ignore all possible positions except
two simplistic generalizations.

I recommend avoiding the term "intellectual property",
and not replacing it with any other term.

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