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Thunda at downunder.net.au Thunda at downunder.net.au
Tue Oct 19 23:53:01 UTC 1999

> Quoting Jacques Chester:
> > This is an error ... this isn't meant to be out
> > for another few weeks ...
>        From your headers: 
> Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 19:12:22 CST
>        So that means it's only two and a half years old, >

*embarassed cough*

Ah. Yes. Well ... :)

My computer has a somewhat loose CMOS battery,
you see. It's apt to break contact with the
mobo slot in which it belongs, whereupon the
BIOS goes to sleep.

When you pop the case and push the little
bugger back down firmly, and reboot, you
have to reset everything. Now, because
I was dual-booting to windows, I needed to
tell the BIOS that I had *two* HDDs, not
just one. BeOS was smart enough to notice
either way, but Windows ...

And more importantly, I always forget to
reset the time. It's just one of those
fiddly things you miss.

Those of you here who've seen me post
before will know that this isn't the first
time I and my computer have pulled this
particular stunt.

Apologies for any inconvenience; "you're
welcome" for any amused smiles.

Be well;


ps - Mailstart usually has correct time,
but of course the GMT adjustment is missing.
Darwin (here) is GMT+9:30 for the curious.

pps - and why the heck do they use microsoft?
will blunders never cease? :)

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