[openip] Re: "rights" and "freedoms"

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at mibsoftware.com
Tue Oct 19 13:53:37 UTC 1999

From:          "Robert M. Muench" <robert.muench at robertmuench.de>

> > Answer: Because there is one US software patent issued, on
> average,
> > every 20 minutes, and it would take several days of work to
> find
> > prior art for each one and prepare a submission.
> But not all patents are related to the topic we are interested
> in. Of course it will be impossible to build up a shadow-PTO but
> defeating the most trivial patents should be possible. It's
> better to invalid some patents than non at all.

I am not subscribed to openip at egroups.com.  I am planning
to improve my programmer's webliography in a way which
may help.

http://www.rocketaware.com/  is the complete programmer's
webliography and index.  It features more than 10,000
links of interest to software developers, including a
special section listing more than 6000 open source
applications and libraries.  There are also FAQs and
links to categories at dmoz, yahoo, and freshmeat.  Lots
of good stuff.

At some point, I will cross-categorize and provide links
to to the software patent categories at the IBM patent server
(www.patents.ibm.com.)  I was planning to do this

If others think this is a good idea, then I will get it done
sooner.  I don't know a lot about challenging patents.
Is Greg Arahonian (sp?) still around Usenet?

Forrest J. Cavalier, Mib Software
http://www.rocketaware.com/ Complete Programmer's Webliography
   10,000 off-site links.  200 categories.

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