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>> Subject: [openip] Re: "rights" and "freedoms"
>> The US Patent Office is incompetent in all fields, and issues
>> trivial patents habitually.
>> If the Patent Office did a good job, perhaps patents would
>> be beneficial overall in many fields.  But I am convinced
>> that patents in software are inherently harmful, and would
>> be harmful even if the Patent Office handled them "well".
>As I have some knowledge with all these patent stuff, the only
>possible way to go for us 'free fighters' is to beat them with
>their own weapons. Each patent has a 3 month public period were
>everyone can file an objection to a published patent. It should
>be trivial to show prior art to the PTO and argue about the
>triviality of the filed patent.
>So why not make a patent-tracking-and-objection group, which just
>does this job? I'm sure it would help a lot of people and do much
>more for the community than any other project. Richard, may be
>the FSF is the right place for such a watch-dog group.

Answer: Because there is one US software patent issued, on average,
every 20 minutes, and it would take several days of work to find
prior art for each one and prepare a submission.

(One per 20 minutes is about 25,000 per year which I think is
 about the current rate. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but
 even if it was just one patent issued a day, it would still be


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