Accusations, accusations, always accusations

Richard Stallman rms at
Mon Oct 18 18:44:00 UTC 1999

    Since this concept of getting "credit" for software seems to be so
    important, it probably should be embodied in the license. 

I disagree on principle; however, even if I agreed, I see no way that
a license could be written to address the issue.

    could require that collections of software licensed under GPL be clearly
    labelled with a tag saying that "This CD contains # software packages
    from the GNU project".

You're talking about the use of individual GNU software packages.  But
the individual packages we developed are just parts of what the GNU
Project did.  We developed them in order to accomplish our real goal,
which was to make a whole system.

Giving us credit only for the specific GNU packages included in a
version of the GNU system would be missing the forest for the trees.
I ask people to use the term "GNU/Linux" because that is a way to say
that the system as a whole is based on the GNU system as a whole.

So thanks for the suggestion, but you see it simply doesn't do the job
I am trying to do.  (I also don't think licenses should make
requirements about this, and people were right to point out that
not every GPL-covered program is a GNU program.)

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