Free World Licence.

Bruce Perens bruce at
Mon Oct 18 07:26:58 UTC 1999

From: "Ross N. Williams" <ross at>
> Free     : GNU/Linux (often called just "Linux"

A license discussion! What a breath of fresh air compared to what we've
been seeing lately on the license-discuss list :-)

1. There are lots of Linux systems that contain non-free components. That's
why we make this determination at the program level rather than the system

2. Restricting to "free platforms" as you define them would be contrary
to section #9 of the Open Source Definition:

	9. License Must Not Contaminate Other Software.

	The license must not place restrictions on other software that
	is distributed along with the licensed software. For example,
	the license must not insist that all other programs distributed
	on the same medium must be open-source software.

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