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Sun Oct 17 23:12:00 UTC 1999

Independent Observation: It's really sad when a German has to give an 
American a lesson in American History. (.de is Germany right? I think so 
but am too lazy to look it up *g*)

Angelo, you have it down 100% as to the causes and such of the Civil War 
(known in many places in the south as the "War of Northern Aggression" to 
this day).

It frightens me in no small manner that Richard, who is very knowledgeable 
on some topics, would be so way off on American history.


>Sorry, Richard, thats wrong. The war is called seccesion war.
>The reasons are very economical. E.G. the rich industrialized north
>fought against the poor agricultural south. Why? The south seperated.
>Thwy would had have the possibility to increase prices on food and
>etc. to get a fairer exchange for the ibdustrial products they recieved.
>Nobody in the north was interested in slavery (excepted some
>brave men who gave shelter and possibility to escape).
>Nobody in the north was interested in the war either.
>But Lincoln was very good in public relations, he convinced people
>to fight for the slaves because he knew nobody would fight against the
>seperation very long.
>Well, to explain all the reasons, the political and economic
>would need about 30 pages ...
>I though you where an american and you knew that, are you not?
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