[ppc-mobo] Re: GNU License for Hardware

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Oct 17 21:42:47 UTC 1999

	rms> A program which doesn't exist cannot be described either as
	rms> free or as non-free.  It is outside the scope of that
	rms> distinction.

    It is not.  I didn't write "doesn't exist"; I wrote "not written".
    Please pay others the courtesy that you always demand: reading, and
    responding to, what they write.

I read it again, and I still believe that a program that is not
written does not exist.  I guess I do not understand.

	rms> In regard to the use of that non-free program, you are under
	rms> the domination of someone else, in a way that would not
	rms> happen if you had no non-free software.

    _What_ domination?

You are forbidden to redistribute a copy to me or anyone else.
You are unable to change the program.  In other words, you don't
have the freedoms that define free software.

For those of us who care about these freedoms as freedoms,
to be denied them is domination.

    (pace, Robert Anson) I can choose to violate the contract, either
    following Thoreau and landing in jail, or secretly, just like any
    promise-breaker hoping to get away with it.

You can grant yourself the freedom to redistribute copies underground
if you dare, but you cannot get yourself the source code in this way.

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