GNU License for Hardware

John Cowan cowan at
Fri Oct 15 17:44:46 UTC 1999

Richard Stallman scripsit:

> We're the
> principal (though not the sole) developers of the system,

This is a question of fact.  What is the evidence for it?

>     If he urges one the use of GNU/Linux, but won't urge the use of (the 
>     theoretical) GNU/Solaris, even though the products are fundamentally 
>     identical, then that IS hypocrisy.

I now understand that this (non-RMS) statement refers to urging the
use of a name, not to urging the use of an operating system.

> Not "GNU/Solaris", because Solaris is the whole system,

Technically, the kernel is called "the SunOS kernel", because the
level below the applications is still SunOS.  Ask uname -a.

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