"rights" and "freedoms"

Russell Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Oct 14 20:36:57 UTC 1999

L. Peter Deutsch writes:
 > > Programmers are free to provide their programming services to people, using
 > > the works of their community to improve their ability to provide services.
 > That's the issue in a nutshell.  The Free Software movement verges on taking
 > the position that the only legitimate way for programmers to make money is
 > to provide services.  I make the analogy with composers of music and writers
 > of fiction.  I have yet to hear a persuasive explanation of why Free
 > Software advocates think it's OK for authors of fiction to be paid for each
 > copy of their work, but not programmers.  If the distinction is between a
 > "purely expressive" and a "functional" work, how about authors of cookbooks?
 > Authors of how-to books of all kinds?  Authors of reference works?  Why is
 > software different?  And if it isn't different, why are software authors
 > singled out?

Y'know, I don't feel that way about it.  I enjoy working with Open
Source software much more than closed source software.  I'm more
productive, and I feel a lot less frustration.  I have managed to make 
a living doing this for the past eight years, and I don't see any time 
in the future when I might have to stop.

I'm just *so* happy I could shit.  I really don't worry about being
compensated for my work.  I'm quite well paid, and expect that to

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