GNU License for Hardware

Derek Balling dredd at
Thu Oct 14 15:34:27 UTC 1999

At 12:07 PM 10/14/99 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
> > If he urges one the use of GNU/Linux, but won't urge the use of (the
> > theoretical) GNU/Solaris, even though the products are fundamentally
> > identical, then that IS hypocrisy.
>Say what?  The SunOS kernel isn't free.  Why would RMS urge its use?

We're not talking about urging its use, we're simply talking about "what 
would you CALL a hybrid of the SunOS kernel using entirely GNU 
applications". For RMS's contentions about the name "GNU/Linux" to be true, 
they also must hold true for "GNU/Solaris".

His claim is that Linux is the Kernel, and GNU is the "meat" of the OS, 
hence the "/" name. His claim also can be extended to GNU/Solaris, if 
someone were to design such a beast. RMS states that he would not encourage 
that name, even though he encourages GNU/Linux. THAT is the hypocrisy.


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