GNU License for Hardware

Derek Balling dredd at
Thu Oct 14 15:01:30 UTC 1999

At 11:18 AM 10/14/99 -0400, John Cowan wrote:
>"What RMS wants" != "what RMS thinks he has the right to demand".
>I hear RMS urging people to use the name GNU/Linux, not demanding that
>they do so, still less claiming that he has a right to demand that they
>do so.

I have seen him personally with my own eyes demand it of people. I saw him 
rip into a member of the press for being "ignorant" when he referred to 
Linux as Linux.

> > Either you have to defend their right to take that code
> > and name it what they will, or you have to admit to a harsh difference
> > between your published philosophy and your actions.
>Defending someone's right to do X is not the same as urging them to do
>X, nor is it inconsistent with urging them not to.  I will defend your
>right to create a fork of Emacs called "eat-my-shorts", but I will also
>urge you not to do it.

If he urges one the use of GNU/Linux, but won't urge the use of (the 
theoretical) GNU/Solaris, even though the products are fundamentally 
identical, then that IS hypocrisy.


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