gEDA: Re: [openip] Re: GNU License for Hardware

"BørgeStrand" borges at
Thu Oct 14 09:14:00 UTC 1999

> I agree that the term "free software" is not perfectly clear.  There
> seems to be no better alternative in English--all the alternatives
> have flaws of their own.  English has no everyday word analogous to
> "libre" which means "free as in freedom, not as in price."
> It's unfortunate that such an important language has such an important
> gap.

If the word lacks, invent it and explain it. GNU is an established
term. Let's call it GNUware and explain the free [speach|beer] stuff
to the people who don't get it at once.

(If you feel like flaming, please read below and hold your horses for
a little while.)


P.S. I'm sorry to keep up this traffic on geda-dev, being the one who
suggested a split. What's the status on an alternative list coming up
so that we can post there and skip these long cc lines?

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