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	I'm not sure if its the back log of our mail server or the time
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On Tue, 12 Oct 1999, Tom Hull wrote:

> One of RMS's more dubious accomplishments is that people all over the world
> are agonizing that "free" as in "free software" doesn't have anything to do
> with price. Moreover, they soured to the point where they're even disparaging
> happy hour (a/k/a "free beer").
> The fact is that free (unrestricted) availability of software and the freedom
> (opportunity) to change it can only be universally possible by making software
> available free of charge. It is precisely the confluence of all of these shades
> of meaning that makes "free software" the ideal term.
> One way to see this link between free price and the other freedoms that RMS
> cherishes is to observe that proprietary software interests restrict those
> freedoms precisely in order to limit availability and jack up the price and
> profits they covet. (Even to the further detriment of their customers.)
> The irony of this is that while RMS keeps harping on the semantics of libre
> vs. gratuit, the very first requirement set forth in the OSD insists on free
> (no royalty or fee) redistribution for "open source" software. The title may
> say "Open Source Definition", but the OSD is the clearest definition of free
> software we have to date.
> In an earlier email to this group, RMS characterized "the Open Source movement"
> as "rejecting all talk of freedom, principle and non-material benefits." It
> seems closer to the mark to suggest that it is RMS who has wrapped himself up
> so exclusively in the principle of freedom that he rejects all talk of material
> benefits. Such a stance is terribly self-limiting. Throughout the whole history
> of the capitalist era, freedom and material wealth and comfort have been
> intertwined inextricably. And nowhere is the economic benefit of freedom more
> clear than in software -- with its unique ability to support near-infinite
> reproduction at near-zero cost.
> RMS has said that he considers OSI and FSF to be like "two political parties
> within our community". Perhaps he has something like the Clinton Republicans
> and the Dole Democrats in mind, but it plays more like the two sides of a
> Lite Beer commercial: More Freedom! Fewer Bugs! Both are true, and both are
> important. Why can't you guys get it together?
> Robert J Hale wrote:
> > 
> > Sign!  I hate to contiue this "SPAM" but I would like to agree and
> > disagree with Richard.  Free_____  is not the right word due to the dumb
> > conotations people have in the US or English speaking world.
> > 
> > I think Richard is right that it should reflect the Freedom of ___ but we
> > should choose a new word that is not sonomyous with FREE, ie no charge.
> > 
> > I think someone should get out the dictionary and see what other words
> > would bring about the proper understanding and we should reflect the true
> > unfettered choice we are bringing into the world.
> > 
> > My opion here in the north.
> > 
> > Robert in Alaska
> > 
> > PS.  Thanks for all you have done Richard.
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