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Bernard Lang Bernard.Lang at inria.fr
Tue Oct 12 22:01:05 UTC 1999

On Mon, Oct 11, 1999 at 03:39:21PM -0700, Reto Stamm wrote:
> Derek J. Balling wrote:
> > I have to disagree. I agree with many of Richard's concepts, (although I
> > still don't call it GNU/Linux *G*) but for hardware I have to seriously
> > disagree.
> >
> > "Free", in today's society, when attached to hardware, will have lots of
> > confusion when it comes to things like FreePC, .....
> I am sure there is a term that matches exactly what we want to express in
> some language, and the people who speak english have never been very hesitant
> to adopt these words when they fill a particular gap. So if there is some
> word in Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese or wherever, we should see
> if we can use that to express what we really mean. I am sure that it will be
> mispronounced, but it shows what this is about.
> Any suggestions for names?
> Reto Stamm (speaking for myself)

Well I believe that the french word "libre" has been used in the past,
even in english, to express precisely that concept ("free" as in "free
speech"). We'll gladly lend you the word for such a good usage.

and while I have the floor ...

I am looking for a GPL-like license, but it is intended for
collections of data resources, for the time being linguistic resources:
  corpora, dictionnaries (as used by machines, not people), grammars

  Such resources can be extended, modified, refined ... and included
in software applications (as data, or hard linked).

These are hard to come by resources, essential to develop linguistic
applications. Their creation requires both expertise and lot of
  I am not sure the GPL would apply as is ... any comment or suggestion.


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