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Robert M. Muench robert.muench at
Tue Oct 12 07:36:56 UTC 1999

Hi, I have followed the threads some time now and have tried to
get some lawyers on board which would help us to clarify some
questions we are not sure about. I have one guy found and he is
willing to help us to some point for free (this time like the
free beer ;-) and the Germany word fro this freeness is:

However, I would like to make something like a mind-map for what
we would like to cover and what features/properties the
license/NDA/whatever should have. In the first step I would like
to ask you to not discuss the particular points as this leads
mostly to endless discussions.

After this we should discuss one point after the other. It
doesn't make sense to write a whole draft as there are to many
points to discuss at once. I really want to get this license
issue solved (even I know it's not possible to make it perfect)
and KISS.

I like 'open' more than 'free'. Here are some more suggestions:
- Tolerant
- Liberal
- Democratic

Properties (Please keep number to reference):
1. Things should be useable 'AS IS' in commercial products, but
you have to mentioned it. Example: I can use a OpenIP CPU to make
a board I can sell but I have to state that the board uses the

2. Non-Infectious

3. Improvements/Enhancements on OpenIP stuff SHOULD  be returned,
made available through a central place.

4. Commercial usage must be registered/announced to OpenIP, it
won't be rejected. Just to keep track. OpenIP can mention the
usage everywhere it wants.

I really would like to ask you not to comment on these points yet
but add some more. After a while we should close the list and
start discussion from top to down. Is this OK?

Robert M. Muench, Karlsruhe, Germany
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