[FLOSS-Desktops] Request to utilize and edit the FLOSS Desktop for Kids curriculum for kids in the Philippines

Patrick Masson masson at opensource.org
Mon Oct 28 13:57:20 UTC 2019

Hi Ben Hur,
We'd be thrilled for you to use and edit the curriculum. The latest
version is here: 
 We would love to see your adaptations for a Filipino class and
students (or for other localized efforts).
Please be aware, if you use these resources you should be careful to
ensure any added content is appropriately licensed. Unfortunately, we
have had multiple participants add content without appropriate
licenses. Without appropriate licensing we can not include any
enhancements you may add to the content.
Let me know if I can help in any way.

On Sat, 2019-10-26 at 02:47 +0800, Ben Hur Pintor wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> I'm Ben, an OSI individual member from the Philippines. One advocacy
> of mine is to increase the use and popularity of FOSS in my country
> because I believe that FOSS offers a way to bring down gatekeepers
> and democratize opportunities especially for those in the
> marginalized sectors of society. I believe that one way to
> achieve this is by teaching kids about FOSS, letting them use and
> appreciate it, and instilling in them the ideals of openness. It's
> very rare to see schools and kids in my country use FOSS. Personally,
> I only became introduced to Linux and FOSS when I entered university
> so I think that there's a great opportunity here to introduce FOSS to
> kids and young people. I've read about the FLOSS Desktop for Kids
> initiative that you've done and I think something similar would do
> wonders here in my country.
> With that said, I'd like to ask for your permission if I can use and
> edit the FLOSS Desktop for Kids curriculum for use here in the
> Philippines. Also, although I'm not quite sure if this is the best
> place to ask, if you happen to know of any opportunities on how/where
> I can get support or funding for this initiative, I'd be grateful if
> you can point me to them.
> Thank you very much.
> Sincerely,
> Ben Hur
> ---
> Ben Hur S. Pintor
> bnhr.xyz
> hi at bnhr.xyz
> open spatial & data solutions

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