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Hello James:

Following up on our last conversation, I will be sending the spread sheet
regarding open source system cost projections sometime next week. As
mentioned, the initial cost savings for the state is approximately $
200,000,000 for the first round of voting system purchases and
exponentially into the billions moving forward. Obviously our main focus is
setting the security standard and precedent but it is acknowledged that
 monumental taxpayer savings is a compelling attribute of the open source
election technology solution.

San Francisco has now allocated $ 300,000 for a phase one build out plan
and we are hopeful to raise the funds needed for further work and
certification. Hopefully Secretary Padilla is considering this when
approaching the Governor. I know many counties are interested in
participating as well.

Thanks again for your attention to this matter. I have attached a letter
from New Hampshire's Secretary of State encouraging all states to move
toward open source election systems.

Best regards,

Brent Turner
California Association of Voting Officials
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