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Date: Monday, July 25, 2016
Subject: [VVSG-election] Call for participation in a new interoperability
subgroup on defining a common data format for cast vote records
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Hello everyone,

This is a call for participation in a new subgroup of the interoperability
working group, to create a specification for a cast vote records (CVR)
common data format (CDF). This specification is intended for devices that
capture and/or store a voter’s cast vote record (an electronic
representation of the voter’s voted ballot), e.g., a DRE, a scanner, or
some other type of voting device. The CDF would contain necessary
attributes and elements to capture information about the device and then
each cast vote record stored on the device. Additionally, the CDF may
include summary information, such as a summary of ballots cast or rejected,
or a summary of votes cast in the various contests - whatever summaries are
appropriate and useful.

Some work has already been started on this CDF – an strawman use case has
been created along with a UML model/XML schema, thus the subgroup would NOT
need to start from scratch. However, the use case and model need to be
reviewed as they are likely to be incomplete or contain some false

Anyone/everyone is encouraged to join this group, and it needs membership
from the following groups:

·        Election officials who understand various use cases for cast vote
records, how they are used currently in voting devices, and how they may be
used in the future

·        Manufacturers of voting devices who have familiarity with cast
vote records

·        Those familiar with security attributes that are/may be needed to
protect cast vote record confidentiality/integrity

Will this CDF be included in the next VVSG? This will shake out as more
time goes by. However, there is a decent amount of likelihood that it will
be included and thus, it would be important to finish this CDF without too
much delay. I may be tempting the devil here by saying that I don’t think
this should be too complicated of a CDF :-). One of the reasons I say this
is that the CDF we created for election results reporting was used to build
this initial strawman model, thus many things should be familiar to those
who participated in that effort. The election results reporting model
actually contains the capability to report on cast vote records for various
different devices, but at a more general level that is appropriate for
results reporting and not some of the other uses of this CDF, which could
include reporting but also auditing.

If you are interested and feel you can contribute to this group, please
send mail to me, John Wack, at the following address, and I will add you to
a mailing list:

john.wack at nist.gov <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','john.wack at nist.gov');>

I will, within the next week or so, schedule an initial meeting, where I'll
go over the use case and model, and see whether you like it or not. In some
of the other subgroups, we've had a number of very enjoyable discussions
involving election officials and manufacturers and developers, oriented
around increasing our understanding of the subject matter and the use case
that the CDF will be designed to meet. The initial use case and a picture
of the UML model are attached. If you have any questions, please let me

Cheers, John

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