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Patrick, while I respect Software Freedom Conservancy for its work, we couldn't find a more politically charged organization to scare adopters about such software. SFC is into license enforcement more than software development. Open source election systems have to be trusted, not forced by licensors. 


My support for GPLv3 for this open source software has also to do with trust. I believe it is essential that the majority of the worldwide open source development community also know that their election software will always be free. They trust GPLv3 for that more than I personally do, but that's good enough incentive for me to support that license for this software.




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Knowing your interest in GPL projects, I was also thinking you might reach out to the Software Freedom Conservancy as well <https://sfconservancy.org/members/current/>.


On Tue, 2016-02-23 at 08:43 -0800, Lawrence Rosen wrote: 

Patrick Masson of OSI has suggested that CAVO and San Francisco and the other stakeholders in an open source election system consider affiliating with a non-profit organization that can run software projects like ours. A trusted development and governance community needs to provide guidance around starting an open source project and creating an authentic community of practice and options.


Linux Foundation was specifically mentioned as an appropriate host, but there are also others.


Please share your comments and suggestions about this. With your permission, the OSI board and the San Francisco leaders and the rest of us at CAVO can start to approach Linux Foundation and others about hosting open source election systems.




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