[CAVO] {EXTERNAL} Fwd: Why CAVO recommends GPLv3 for election software

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Friends and colleagues interested in open source election software:


Some of you are getting this email because I've included you in bcc: but there will be no need for this in the future if you ALL subscribe to the CAVO@ mailing list.


Please join us at CAVO at opensource.org <mailto:CAVO at opensource.org> .  


Here's how:


1) Go to https://lists.opensource.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/cavo and subscribe. You can request regular emails from the list or daily summaries, and you can browse our email archive.


2) From then on, send your discussion emails to cavo at opensource.org <mailto:cavo at opensource.org>  and we'll all get them automatically without cc: or bcc:.


This is how we can create a cooperative open source project with many participants to create a "community" with a purpose and an archive.


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P.S. For those of you already subscribed to cavo at opensource.org <mailto:cavo at opensource.org> , I apologize but you will get two copies of this email. 


P.P.S. Feel free to copy these instructions to others you would like to join our online community. We're open to all, like open source.


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