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Open Source Election Systems

WHEREAS, public confidence in the integrity of the election system in the
United States is declining; and voting machines and the computers that add
vote totals are being run with computer programs or software that can
substantially change vote totals in subtle ways that are difficult to
detect; and

WHEREAS, we the people have the right to know exactly how votes are
processed, to have transparent elections, and to have computer scientists
analyze open source code for malicious code which could be used to
manipulate elections; and

WHEREAS, proprietary computer software denies us this right to know,inner
workings of the computerized vote counting hardware are secret; and there
are now better methods available under the passage of SB-360 that will
heighten transparency and increase security while reducing costs.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the undersigned California Democratic Party
calls upon Secretary of State Alex Padilla to devote maximum efforts and
resources to create, certify and deploy publicly owned, open source
election systems.

Author Brent Turner - Sponsored by San Mateo County & Santa Clara County
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