[PublicPolicy] Interview with Bastien Guerry / Etalab

Bastien Guerry bastien.guerry at data.gouv.fr
Mon Jun 29 08:34:39 UTC 2020

Hi Matthias and @list,

Matthias Kirschner <mk at fsfe.org> writes:

> We conducted an interview with Bastien Guerry (also here on the list)
> from Etalab which might be of interest to some of you. Etalab maintains
> two lists of Free Software.  One is about the Free Software recommended
> for the public sector (called SILL) while the other one links to Free
> Software repositories created by the public sector.  
> https://fsfe.org/news/2020/news-20200609-01.en.html

thanks for forwarding this.  

Feel free to reach me at bastien.guerry at data.gouv.fr if anyone has
further questions on https://code.etalab.gouv.fr or https://sill.etalab.gouv.fr

All best,

 Bastien Guerry

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