[PublicPolicy] Open Source Publishing Survey

Bastien Guerry bastien.guerry at data.gouv.fr
Tue Jun 16 16:40:22 UTC 2020

Hi Shimon,

Shimon Shore <ShimonS at most.gov.il> writes:

> What we are doing now is surveying various stakeholders to prove it
> with data so that they have hard data to back decisions that are made.

Though I'm a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of this approach
(because it feels "defensive"), I understand the main idea behind it.

My preferred approach is to *promote* good FLOSS public projects so
that they can play a "role model" for others.  The main advantage I
see is that I spend more time with good-willing people in need for a
small push, and less time with people (only) willing to argue.


 Bastien Guerry

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