[PublicPolicy] Websites for Government Open Source Code

Bastien Guerry bastien.guerry at data.gouv.fr
Mon Jun 1 20:46:18 UTC 2020


Arfon Smith <arfon.smith at gmail.com> writes:

> https://github.com/github/government.github.com/blob/gh-pages/
> _data/governments.yml so it might be possible to build a subset of
> the list you're looking for programatically.

Here is how we build code.etalab.gouv.fr:

- we list GitHub/GitLab organizations in a bare txt file:

- with this list as an input, we collect data about repos:

- then we use this data to run code.etalab.gouv.fr (mostly a
  frontend): https://github.com/etalab/code.etalab.gouv.fr

All these parts are under a free software license, I'd be
happy to assist anyone in setting up a similar frontend for
her country -- working on the code to make it more generic,
if needed.


 Bastien Guerry

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