[Osideas] Invitation to OSIdeas

Patrick Masson masson at opensource.org
Thu May 7 15:52:14 UTC 2020

Dear OSI Alumni and Advocate Circle Members,

tl;dr: You’re invited to showcase your open source ideas (projects,
practices, passions, interests, and issues) via a new virtual meet-up
we’re calling OSIdeas. 
Add your OSIdea: https://bit.ly/3cW4bH1
Contact info: osideas at lists.opensource.org

The OSI is honored each year to include some of open source software’s
most influential leaders, innovative practitioners, and committed
advocates in our board elections. With the potential of this group to
help both the OSI and the broader open source community, we'd like to
better engage both the OSI Board Alumni and Advocate Circle members. 

In order to tap the wealth of experience and expertise, as well as the
collaborative spirit of our board alumni and candidates, the OSI has
started up a new  advocacy and awareness program. We’re inviting you to
share your ideas, interests, and issues affecting open source software,
development, projects, and communities at a virtual meet-up, we’re
calling “OSIdeas.”

OSIdeas will be hosted and promoted by the OSI as a virtual meet-up
online to bring the open source community together around topics of
interest. As a dedicated open source advocate, committed contributor,
and expert in the field we hope you will consider presenting.

If you are interested, please go to our scheduling page (
https://bit.ly/3cW4bH1) to suggest a topic. If you have any specific
questions, please feel free to email.

Thank you,
Casey, Patrick & Travin
osideas at lists.opensource.org

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