[License-review] Volunteers for tagging licenses

Josh Berkus josh at berkus.org
Wed Feb 28 19:16:14 UTC 2024

On 2/27/24 18:29, Pamela Chestek wrote:
>> This is a lot of tags.  It's hard to think that I'd come up with any 
>> others.
> As I just mentioned to Dirk, this was just a quick brainstorm, by no 
> means complete or final.

In that case: you might want to think about shrinking the list.  There 
are a lot of tags on there that could only be determined by an attorney, 
which means realistically it'll be a long time before we apply them.

Here are the tags that Consistency plans to use:

Not recommended for reuse
Choice of Law
Conflict resolution clause
Export terms
Suggest: External Dependency?

Out of those, Venue and Choice of Law feel like they could be 
consolidated.  And we'll use "conflict resolution" if it's there, but if 
it's not we won't miss it.

Josh Berkus

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