[License-review] request for review of the 3D Slicer License

Christopher Sean Morrison brlcad at mac.com
Fri May 28 17:58:54 UTC 2021

> From: Lukas Atkinson <opensource at LukasAtkinson.de>
> However, I don't think the Part A Contribution Agreement should be 
> covered by an OSI approval decision. It's an unconstrained CLA to the 
> benefit of a particular party, not an Open Source license to the public. 

> From: Josh Berkus <josh at berkus.org>
> Agreed.  Part A is a straight-up CLA, and should be separate from the 
> software license.  I really don't see how we can approve it as-is (or, 
> for that matter, why any lawyer thought it was a good idea to have two 
> separate documents joined at the hip this way).

It’s worth noting that the Apache 2.0 license has very similar language with respect to Contributions and Contributors, CLA-territory language, and is nearly identical in some clauses.  I get the sense this license was very much crafted in that awareness, customized successfully for their field.

Having it be part of the license is not unprecedented but does appear to be potentially problematic as to how it’s been customized here.


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