[License-review] For Legacy Approval: Zope Public License v2.1

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On 4/7/2021 10:40 AM, McCoy Smith wrote:
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>> Looks somewhat similar, correct. I’m not deep into licensing so I am not sure
>> about McCoy’s note about unreusable vs. reusable or if that would make a
>> difference for the approval process. I’m just trying to fix a 15 year old
>> oversight ;-)
>> jens
> Just to be clear, this is a better version of the currently-approved license (least of which, because it is reusable), and given the changes are non-legally substantive, I think this request should be approved promptly, and the 2.0 version put into the list of superseded but approved licenses. I'm suggesting, however, that because the new license is reusable, a better category for it would be "Licenses that are redundant with more popular licenses" since this looks to be a variant of BSD-3.
Does anyone disagree with this? I agree that it doesn't have to be 
categorized as "non-reusable" because it's no longer hard-coded with the 
project name. It is also redundant to the BSD and PHP licenses, so the 
"redundant with more popular licenses" category seems appropriate.


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