[License-review] Request - For Approval - Ritchey Permissive License v11

Simon Phipps simon.phipps at opensource.org
Mon Feb 15 11:07:28 UTC 2021


On Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 1:45 AM J. Ritchey <x1x2c3+osi at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would like to apologize, but it seems some of my responses are getting
> directed to peoples' emails, instead of the board, even though I've been
> using the "reply" button. If you received any emails directly from me, my
> apologies. I don't know why some of my emails are doing this, when others
> aren't. I'm new to email boards, and thought reply would send them to "
> license-review at lists.opensource.org". I'm going through my responses
> trying to find which ones need to be re-sent to the correct address. This
> is one such message below. Hopefully it ends up in the right place.

License review is a public mailing list, with 343 members of the public
participating. Every e-mail sent to license-review at lists.opensource.org is
forwarded to all 343 people, either directly or as part of a digest. It is
also publicly archived
That's the reason people are directly receiving your messages - those
people will receive it whether or not you press "Reply-All". It is not a
bulletin board, or a medium read only by the OSI Board.

Hope that helps,

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