[License-review] Legacy Approval, Licnese of Jam

Josh Berkus josh at berkus.org
Tue Apr 27 16:49:19 UTC 2021

On 4/26/21 12:52 PM, Richard Fontana wrote:
> The strongest objection I see to granting legacy approval here is why
> the OSI should start with*this*  license when there are plenty of
> others in the same category that are probably more frequently
> encountered.

Doesn't feel like an objection, really.  We'd approve it because someone 
asked.  If there are others, someone else can ask.

I don't think we need to launch a legacy license project where we search 
out old licenses that might meet legacy OSS standards.  My judgement is: 
if nobody cared enough to send L-R an email, then probably nobody cares 
whether the license is OSS or not.

Josh Berkus

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