[License-review] Legacy Approval, Licnese of Jam

Jack Hill jackhill at jackhill.us
Mon Apr 26 21:37:12 UTC 2021


On Mon, 26 Apr 2021, Richard Fontana wrote:


> Based on some quick research I don't think the Fedora argyllcms
> package makes use of jam but someone can correct me if that's wrong.
> It didn't seem as though jam was in Fedora other than as part of
> boost.

I believe your assessment is correct, and Fedora is using Richard Hughes's 
[0] Argyll fork [1] that does not require Jam to build. Unfortunately, it 
hasn't been updated for the latest Argyll releases, but perhaps updating 
it is where those of us who want to color calibration in freedom should 
spend our effort.

[0] http://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/
[1] https://github.com/hughsie/hargyllcms


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