[License-review] For Approval – CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2– Strongly Reciprocal (SPDX: CERN-OHL-S-2.0); CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2– Weakly Reciprocal (SPDX: CERN-OHL-W-2.0); CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2– Permissive (SPDX: CERN-OHL-P-2.0)

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Mon Oct 12 17:34:23 UTC 2020

Eric Schultz dixit:

>its packaging or documentation in the manner specified in that Notice." One

Oh, ouch. That’s going to have a lot of potential problems; for example,
it can be specified requiring specific technologies which are impossible
for some thing a decade in the future or so.

If the licence specifies the manner (instead of licensor), it can at
least try to be technology-neutral and be written in a way that allows
future upgrades to that wording.

> Hi, does anyone sell openbsd stickers by themselves and not packaged
> with other products?
No, the only way I've seen them sold is for $40 with a free OpenBSD CD.
	-- Haroon Khalid and Steve Shockley in gmane.os.openbsd.misc

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