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Henrik Ingo henrik.ingo at avoinelama.fi
Sun Mar 29 10:28:22 UTC 2020

On Sat, Mar 28, 2020 at 1:11 PM Syed Arsalan Hussain Shah <
arsalan at buddyexpress.net> wrote:

> Hi Henrik,
> Thank you for the response,  yes those questions will be separate page i
> just created that file for discussion here.  You are right about the name,
> actually we will use unmodified version of it,  as many of our source
> programs have reference to OSSN license , so we just keep it for
> reference that OSSN L 4.0 is CAL (unmodified).

I'm afraid you need to also update each  source file to say they are
licensed under CAL.

I am still looking forward for answers form this discussion whether there
> would be a problem if someone use non approved OSI license (we are not
> going to use it just a question) and would there be legal problems from
> opensource.org? (if someone uses keyword open source in their domain with
> non approved OSI license)?
I can't speak for the OSI and what exactly they would do, but usually what
happens is that claiming to be open source when you're not attracts so much
negative publicity (e.g. people on social media warning to stay away from
your project) that you eventually choose to either use a proper open source
license or alternatively don't call yourself open source.

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