[License-review] Fwd: For Approval | Open Source Social Network License 1.0

Josh Berkus josh at berkus.org
Fri Mar 27 23:26:12 UTC 2020

On 3/27/20 3:50 PM, McCoy Smith wrote:
> Except the license as submitted by Syed is a minor revision of an
> existing OSI-approved license, the AAL.  I sent around a compare between
> the two previously; it is attached again.
> Are you saying that a lawyer must be retained under those conditions?

Leaving aside that we're not going to approve this on the basis of the
AAL, there are serious wording and conceptual issues with the OSSNL that
could use a lawyer's help.  Or even a non-lawyer who is more experienced
with licenses.

For example, clauses (3) and (4) directly contradict each other,
something that any drafting expert would have pointed out.

This leaves aside the main point.  As Eric pointed out, Syed would be
far better off choosing a mainstream license in every way.  Even if he
came up with his own license that was acceptable, it would still be a
deterrent to both adoption and contributions.

Josh Berkus

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