[License-review] For Approval: Master-Console's Open-Source Definitive License(MCopdl)

Christopher Sean Morrison brlcad at mac.com
Tue May 28 18:42:15 UTC 2019


As another suggested, I would also recommend continuing this discussion on the license-discuss mailing list which can be subscribed to at https://opensource.org/lists

> This license does not include stating sources like tcl that are licensed
> with BSD like license to be within or followed with this, We showed an
> example site and we are not talking about AndroWish(we are
> talking in General) which could not be different from what you talk about.

I must admit your response is incredibly difficult to understand.  I *think* you’re suggesting the AndroWish website was merely an example of a code that would fail to comply with MCopdl, which I don’t think is helpful in understanding MCopdl.

> Yes, you are right, accessible from fossil, but not accessible from within
> web, within a normal static browser(transcripted use)
> it does not necessarily mean its should be in a repository or in a page. It should be
> accessible as raw data(can be in any interface and doesn't mean anyone can
> come and edit the raw data but should be accessible).

Again, perhaps a poor example …  but that site is literally the built-in web interface to a Fossil repository.  That means all files are accessible via the fossil interface using the fossil application and other tools, via the web interface using standard web browsers or other tools and the latter even permits direct download from within the web page.

That’s not to suggest that method of delivery is “convenient”, but saying the sources are not accessible in the manner you described is flatly incorrect.

> And thanks for
> figuring out the grammatical errors. We will fix it soon.

As mentioned, the language errors are not minor or few.  I suggest you retract the license from consideration and move to the license-discuss mailing list for further discussion.


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