[License-review] License Committee Report

Richard Fontana richard.fontana at opensource.org
Wed Feb 13 15:03:34 UTC 2019

Here is a status update on licenses in review. The previous License
Committee Report [1] is incorporated by reference.

Convertible Free Software License, Version 1.4

Submission date:  2019-01-22. [3]  This supplants the
previously-submitted version 1.3.

Lukas Atkinson provided a helpful summary of the differences between
1.4 and 1.3 along with his own commentary. [4]

Recommendation: No action at this time. A decision by OSI is due on or
about 2019-02-22.

Server Side Public License, Version 2

Submission date: 2018-11-21 [5].

On 2019-01-28 Eliot Horowitz provided some comments on the reception
of the license on license-review and expressed an intent "to offer
revised language to clarify our intent for your consideration and
feedback shortly". [6] There has been no discussion of SSPLv2 on
license-review for about two weeks. A decision by OSI on SSPLv2 is due
on or about 2019-02-18 (see [7]).

Recommendation: No action at this time.

Twente License

Submission date: 2019-02-05 [8]

Recommendation: No action at this time. A decision by OSI is due on or
about 2019-04-05.

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