[License-review] For Approval: Twente License

Carlo Piana carlo at piana.eu
Wed Feb 6 07:23:34 UTC 2019

Deeply against conflating law-abiding provision with licenses. They don't belong there, the entire concept is wrong. Plus, controlling that software doesn't do acts against the law is vague, it changes as law progresses.

Open source MUST be allowed to do illegal things. It is not up to the copyright owners to perform law enforcement. And something that's illegal for someone is legal for others. Spyware is a good example. Something is illegal someplace might be even compulsory elsewhere. 

Please leave this rubbish out of licensing.


5 feb 2019 ha scritto:
>> Name: Twente License
>> Rationale: The MIT license is the most popular open-source license
>out there. It's used by millions of projects and helps the community by
>providing open access to code, so that developers can build on top of
>the hard work done by others. However, in light of recent events where
>companies are financially motivated to disregard individual privacy,
>developers should choose wisely who can use their intellectual property
>or codebases.
>> Distinguish: Twente License is free and permissive—just like the MIT
>license—but it adds a clause where the end product in which Twente
>licensed code can be used has to be compliant with certain guidelines,
>primarily respecting privacy, human rights, and other European values.
>> Legal review: I’ve had a lawyer informally have a look, but no
>in-depth legal review has been conducted.
>> Proliferation category: Other/Miscellaneous licenses (5)
>> Relevant links:
>> Please find attached the license in plain text.
>> Best,
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>> Oswald Labs
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